S. S. Samoylik, V.P. Bondarev


The paper considers the development of method of integral equations of macroscopic electrodynamics, allowing to strictly solve electrodynamic problems for the resonator structures with an arbitrary number of dielectric non-homogeneities. The structures in the resonator and the possibility of its uniform distribution in the single-mode and multi-mode operation have been studied. Using the method of integral equations, the complex frequencies of the lower cavity with five types of rectangular dielectric inserts, representing a cell filled with the substance, have been calculated. It was shown that even with a large dielectric permittivity of the material method has fast convergence. The proposed development of a method allows optimizing the parameters of the resonator in solving definite practical issues. Calculation of the parameters of such devices is a complicated electrodynamic problem, especially given the complexity of the dielectric permittivity of the non-homogeneities.


field distribution, eigenfrequency, rectangular resonator.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15588/1607-3274-2012-2-4

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