A. V. Babich, V. V. Pogosov, P. V. Vakula


We suggest a method for the self-consistent calculations of characteristics of metal films in
dielectric environment. Within a modified Kohn-Sham method and stabilized jellium model, the
most interesting case of asymmetric metal-dielectric sandwiches is considered, for which dielectric
media are different from the two sides of the film. As an example, we focus on Na, Al
and Pb. We calculate the spectrum, electron work function, and surface energy of polycrystalline
and crystalline films placed into passive isolators. We find that a dielectric environment
generally leads to the decrease of both the electron work function and surface energy. It is
revealed that the change of the work function is determined only by the average of dielectric
constants from both sides of the film. We introduced the position of a conductivity band in the
dielectric as a parameter in the self-consistency procedure and performed calculations, using
image potential, for the aluminum film with ideal interfaces vacuum/Al(111)/SiO 2 ,
vacuum/Al(111)/AlO and sandwiches SiO/Al(111)/AlO. As a result, effective potential profiles
and the Schottky barrier heights were calculated.


metal nanofilm, dielectric, work function, surface energy, Schottky barrier height.

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