M. D. Godlevskyi, D. L. Orlovskyi, A. M. Kopp


Context. A relevant problem of an approach development used to reduce system or random errors which occur during business
process models design is solved. The object of the research includes graphical and mathematical models which describe business
process structure.
Objective. Minimization of systematic or random errors based on the development of an approach to formation and analysis of a
business process structure in IDEF0 notation.
Method. The approach to formation and analysis of a business processes structure in IDEF0 notation is proposed. Balancing coefficient,
which was modified and augmented, considering weight coefficients of arcs of various types, is used for IDEF0 diagrams analysis. Cohesion types defined in the ISO/IEC/IEEE 2476 standard, which weight coefficients are calculated using their values normalization, are used to define values of arc weight coefficients.
Results. The approach to IDEF0 diagrams analysis, which allows defining structural changes of diagrams to satisfy balancing requirements,
has been developed. Recommendations obtained as a result of IDEF0 diagrams analysis, which describe product purchase and software release processes, and also recommendations of DevOps concept and SCOR supply chain reference model have been used to transform the source diagrams according to the balancing requirements. Further research may consider using of expert judgments for making decisions on recommendations development.
Conclusions. The proposed approach can be used to support activities of collecting, storing, and sharing organizational knowledge allowing to analyze and improve business process models before they are added into an enterprise repository for future reuse to design new solutions. Next studies will consider various approaches to business process models representation in an enterprise repository, corresponding to Archimate, ARIS, and other notations.


business process; modeling; IDEF0 diagram; business process model analysis; balancing, cohesion.


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