B. B. Akhmetov, V. A. Lakhno, V. P. Malyukov


Actuality. There is considered the actual problem of an optimal decision making on financing of information and cyber security
means in the conditions of active counteraction to the side of the attackers of information and communication systems of the logistics
and situational transport center. The aim of the work is to develop a model for the decisions support system of the financing process of the information and cyber security means of the logistics and situational transport center in conditions of active counteraction to the attacking party, which differs from existing approaches by solving a bilinear differential quality game with several terminal surfaces.
Method. Solving a bilinear differential quality game, that allows to reflect adequately the essence of the problem, there was used
a discrete approximation method. The method allowed not only to find a solution of the bilinear differential quality game with
dependent motions, but also became an effective at the software implementation of the decisions support system in the field of
financing information and cyber security means for information and communication systems of the protected logistics-situational
transport center.
Results. The developed model allows to obtain optimal financing strategies by the cyber security means protection side for
information and communication logistics and situational transport centers at any ratio of parameters describing the financing process,
no matter how financially the party tries to attack the security perimeters.
Conclusions. In this article there was firstly considered the model within the framework of the bilinear differential quality game
scheme for the decisions support system of the process of cyber security means financing for information and communication
systems of protected logistics and situational transport centers. For such differential games there were previously developed no
effective solution methods. In the proposed solution there were firstly used the differential equations that define the interaction
dynamics, describe the dependent motions by means of bilinear functions.


cyber security; differential game; optimal strategies; hacking and protection; decision support system.


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