• S. N. Romanenko National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”, Zaporizhzhia
  • V. P. Dmitrenko National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”, Zaporizhzhia
  • A. V. Tverdenko National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”, Zaporizhzhia



Directional couplers, microstip and slot lines, microwave integrated circuits.


Context. Transition of modern electronics to higher frequencies is directly related with an extremely important problem of
miniaturization of microwave integrated circuits. Conventional planar structures such as microstrip directional couplers have the
feature – their linear dimensions are defined by the wavelength in the transmission lines, so the use of such structures for
miniaturization of microwave integrated circuits becomes problematic.
Objective. Using 3D-structures on combinations of transmission lines to study frequency properties of two possible
implementations of quarter-wave directional couplers based on a combination of microstrip and slot transmission lines. Obtaining
simple analytical expressions for calculating the electrophysical parameters of these directional couplers and confirm their properties
by rigorous electrodynamic calculation.
Methods. An even-odd mode decomposition technique and the scattering matrix theory were used to derive simple analytical
formulas for calculating impedances of transmission line segments that define the topology of couplers considered.
Results. Electrodynamic modeling of proposed couplers with dispersion and losses in the lines showed that the proposed
constructions have better frequency characteristics in comparison with traditional three-branch microstrip directional couplers. It is
also shown that the considered designs of couplers have great potential in the selection of the desired electrical characteristics of
Conclusions. The presented compact couplers can find a broad range of applications in mobile communication systems for
decoupling of channels, division of power and frequency conversion. The method of transition from planar to three-dimensional
structures used in the development of directional couplers on combinations of transmission lines permits not only to create compact
devices with desired characteristics but also paves the way for significant decrease in the size and costs of the broad range of
electronic equipment utilizing such couplers.

Author Biographies

S. N. Romanenko, National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”, Zaporizhzhia

PhD, Associate Professor of department of Information Defense

V. P. Dmitrenko, National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”, Zaporizhzhia

PhD, Associate Professor of department of Radio engineering and Telecommunications

A. V. Tverdenko, National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”, Zaporizhzhia

Graduate student of department of Information Defense


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Romanenko, S. N., Dmitrenko, V. P., & Tverdenko, A. V. (2019). COMPACT DIRECTIONAL COUPLERS USING COMBINATION OF MICROSTRIP AND SLOT LINES. Radio Electronics, Computer Science, Control, (4), 7–13.



Radio electronics and telecommunications

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