M. V. Mishchenko, A. Y. Farafonov, D. A. Kovalenko, Y. A. Sitsilitsin


Abstract – in this study, the synthesis method of tolerance deviations on the geometrical parameters of microstrip devices was developed. The synthesis and the research of tolerance limits of the geometric parameters single-link hairpin microstrip low-pass filter was provided. Method of calculation of the filter circuit is based on a quasi-dynamic and quasi-static approximation analysis of topology discontinuities. Interval models are used for the synthesis of tolerances. Optimization of geometric tolerances of the filter parameters is performed with weights coefficients. Main technological stages of microstrip microwave devices manufacturing and their resolutions are presented in this research. Deviations of dielectric substrate parameters are limited by producer. Computations showed that taking into account topology discontinuities allows to increase accuracy of microstrip filter frequency responses calculation and also more accurate estimate deviations of frequency responses from nominal values. Analysis of tolerances which are caused by restriction of technologies showed that applying of computation method of frequency responses of filter taking into account topology inhomogeneity allows to estimate possibility of producing of analyzed device on base enterprise.


tolerance deviations , topology discontinuities , quasi-dynamic approximation, filter.


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