D. M. Piza, A. S. Sirenko, E. A. Zviahintsev


In this article we propose a method to adapt canceller at the beginning of the range sweep. The analysis of the extent of clutter from meteorological formations and chaff has been provided. It was found that the most difficult conditions to adapt canceller weights occur when exposed to the combined interference in the presence of reflections from the cumulonimbus. We have come up with dependence of the distance on clutter height, taking into account the elevation angle of the beam and stationing height of the radar. On the example of 36D6 radar we have shown that the proposed method is useful for elevation angles smaller than 6 degrees. For elevation angles greater than 6 degrees an adaptation of canceller weights at the end of the range sweep is preferred.


radar, ECCM, canceller, clutter and jamming, elevation, clouds


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