• V. V. Kupriyanov National University of Science and Technology «MISIS», Moscow, Russian Federation



Discrete scheme for obtaining information, distortion, transition probability, information loss, noise.


Context. The problem of minimizing information losses during discrete measurement of methane content during the extraction of coal in coal mines is considered. 

Objective. The object of the study was the methodology for assessing the loss of telemetric information about geophysical processes in mines under noise conditions. The purpose of the work is to create a set of discrete and block schemes for obtaining information to assess its losses in the presence of distortions based on an information approach.

Method. The results of a study of the methodology for solving the problem of minimizing information loss when measuring methane content in coal mines are presented. A measure of distortions arising from the discrete display of the set of states of the geophysical process in the measurement space under noise and error conditions in the elements of the automated methane control subsystem is proposed. Along with this measure, a model is also proposed for determining the lower boundary of the expected information for given distortions, based on the solution of the optimization problem. The characteristics of some discrete and block schemes for obtaining information are investigated. The proposed block schemes take into account the grouping of transition probability values in three, five, seven, ten, and fifteen-dimensional versions. By varying the size of the grouping in blocks, the technique allows one to obtain various levels of detail of the boundaries of the expected information.

Results. The developed schemes were implemented in software and investigated to solve the problem of minimizing information loss while monitoring methane contents in coal mines.

Conclusions. The experiments carried out confirmed the operability of the proposed software and allow us to recommend it for use in practice when constructing n-dimensional schemes for obtaining information. Prospects for further research may lie in an experimental study of the proposed schemes on a larger set of practical tasks of a different nature, as well as in the creation of promising measuring systems based on the principles of information analysis. 

Author Biography

V. V. Kupriyanov, National University of Science and Technology «MISIS», Moscow

Dr. Sc., Professor, Department of Automated Control Systems,


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