• L. A. Kleiman Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russia.
  • V. I. Freyman Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russia.



autonomy, reliability, elements of an information management system, diagnostics, performance characteristics, dynamic distribution algorithm, software model, built-in test diagnostics.


Context. In the modern world, information management systems have become widespread. This make it possible to automate the technological processes of enterprises of various sizes. Many information management systems include wireless and autonomous elements. Autonomy, in this case, means the ability of the system elements to function for a certain time without additional energy supply. In this regard, such a parameter of operational reliability as the battery life of a system element becomes one of the most important. One of the main tools for improving the reliability and fault tolerance of information management system elements – is the use of a modern diagnostic system.

Objective. The aim of the work is to develop a method for increasing the reliability of the functioning of autonomous elements of information management systems. It includes the creation of a model of an information management system and an algorithm for reasonable redistribution of diagnostic functions, as well as a software implementation of the developed algorithm, which confirms its higher reliability indicators in comparison with other algorithms.

Methods. The basic model was the Preparata-Metz-Chen model. On its basis, a new model of the system was built, including the structural and logical description of the elements and the determination of the way of their interaction. The elements were classified by the degree of criticality of the functions performed in the system. On the basis of the developed model and description of the elements, an algorithm was developed for the reasonable redistribution of the diagnostic load, which made it possible to reduce the average energy consumption of the elements and thereby improve the reliability indicators. A software implementation of the developed algorithm was created, which allows to numerically evaluate its advantages. The developed and existing algorithms were compared.

Results. A model of information management system has been developed. In such a system, it is proposed to use an integrated test diagnostics system. This diagnostic system implements algorithms for redistributing the diagnostic load. To determine the importance of the characteristics taken into account, a linear criterion was chosen, as the most studied and fastest in application. A software model, that implements the developed algorithm and makes it possible to compare it with existing algorithms, has been developed. A study of the software model with various parameters was carried out and, based on the results of the software simulation, conclusions were drawn about the possibilities of improving the algorithm and directions for further scientific research were formulated.

Conclusions. The usage of the developed algorithm makes it possible to increase such a characteristic of the reliability of the elements of the information and control system as the mean time of failure-free operation (mean time between failures) by increasing the operating time of autonomous elements without recharging. When carrying out software modeling of the developed and existing algorithms, the advantages of the first were confirmed, and theoretical possibilities for its improvement were formulated.

Author Biographies

L. A. Kleiman , Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russia.

Postgraduate student, Department «Automatics and telemechanics».

V. I. Freyman , Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russia.

Dr. Sc., Professor of the Department «Automatics and telemechanics».


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