M. Ilyashenko


The paper presents graph-analytical approach for organizations resources distribution. It based on graph-subgraph isomorphism
algorithm for weighted and labeled graphs and can be considered as development of graph-subgraph isomorphism algorithm for weighted
graphs proposed before.
Paper describes requirements and specifics of human and technical resources reservation in modern distributed organizations, that can have rather complicated structure, taking into account relations between available resources, and specifics of requirements in resources provided by complicated tasks that need to be solved by organizations. All types of resources considered as weighted and labeled graphs. Next presented advanced version of graph-subgraph isomorphism algorithm enhanced to work with graphs both weighted and labeled by vertexes. Provided full set of preliminary conditions aim to narrow main combinatorial part of algorithm, where branch and bound
method used to find final substitution.


resources reservation, graph-subgraph isomorphism, weighted graphs, labeled graphs, graph-analytical approach


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