• Y. Y. Vavruk Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine, Ukraine
  • V. V. Makhrov Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine, Ukraine
  • H. O. Hedeon Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine, Ukraine



RISC-V, processor, digital signal processing, fast Fourier transform, pipelined, coprocessor, FPGA


Context. The digital signal processing is applied in many fields of science, technology and human activity. One of the ways of implementing algorithms of digital signal processing is the development of coprocessors as an integral part of well-known architectures.

In the case of developing a pipelined device, the presented approach will allow to use software and hardware tools of the appropriate architecture, provide the faster execution of signal processing algorithms, reduce the number of cycles and memory accesses.

Objective. Objectives are design and characterization study of a pipelined RISC-V processor and coprocessor of digital signal processing which performs fast Fourier transform.

Method. Analyzing technical literature and existing decisions allow to assess advantages and disadvantages of modern developments and on the basis of which to form the relevance of the selected topic. Model designing and simulation results allow to examine a model efficiency, to determine weak components’ parts and to improve model parameters.

Results. The pipelined RISC-V processor has been designed which executes a basic set of instructions. Execution time of assembly program on the single-cycled and the pipelined processors have been analyzed. According to the results, the test program on the pipelined processor is executed in 29 cycles, while on the single-cycle processor it takes 60 cycles. The structure of the coprocessor for the fast Fourier transform algorithm and a set of processor instructions that allow working with the coprocessor have been developed. The number of cycles of the coprocessor based on Radix-2 fast Fourier transform algorithm for 512 points is 2358 cycles, and for 1024 points is 5180 cycles.

Conclusions. Conducted researches and calculations have showed that the application of the developed hardware coprocessor reduces the fast Fourier transform algorithm execution time and the load of the pipelined processor during calculations.

Author Biographies

Y. Y. Vavruk, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine

PhD, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Electronic computing department

V. V. Makhrov, Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Student of the Department of Computer Systems and Networks

H. O. Hedeon, Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Assistant of the Department of Computer Systems and Networks


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Vavruk, Y. Y., Makhrov, V. V., & Hedeon, H. O. (2024). THE DESIGN OF THE PIPELINED RISC-V PROCESSOR WITH THE HARDWARE COPROCESSOR OF DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING. Radio Electronics, Computer Science, Control, (1), 197.



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