S. M. Vovk, V. F. Borulko


The robust estimation of dipole radiation-source parameters from near-field measurement is considered. The case of data distorted by
additive noise and by spikes is investigated. A new approach based on a principle of minimal spatial extent is suggested. This approach
states that the solution extent as well as the extent of solution discrepancy should be minimal together. The model of radiation sources
described by the one-dimensional array of ideal Hertzian dipoles is used. The task geometry, when dipoles are located along a straight line,
which is parallel to the measurement line of electric field, and when electric moments of all dipoles are perpendicular to the measurement
plane, is considered. Algorithm of data processing based on conjugate gradient method is proposed. Numerical simulations with the error
boundaries are presented.


electric dipole, spatial extent, robust estimation, regularization


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