A. M. Zubkov, A. A. Shcherba


The method of multichannel reconnaissance of movable and immovable ground targets was proposed and substantiated. It removes the
radio horizon restrictions; it is invariant to the targets type (design features) and is based on the integration of known surface and air
surveillance within a single complex of instrumental reconnaissance. It is based on the use of one or more regular targeted channel of radar
system of firing positions reconnaissance with phased antenna array to determine the current coordinates of remotely piloted aircraft equipped
with multispectral equipment ground targets surveillance. Thus, in these channels during time division mode, the management information is
transmiting on aircraft and generic information is receiving from the board. The proposed approach provides conducting of artillery reconnaissance at any time, in any weather conditions, and the optimal combination of information capabilities of observation devices of different parts of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves without substantial revision of ground and airborne equipment, which is especially important in terms of financial constraints on the development and similar production systems.


radar of ground moving targets reconnaissance, radar system of firing positions reconnaissance, remotely piloted aircraft, phased antenna array, multispectral surveillance system.


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