I. Sh. Nevliudov, A. A. Andrusevich, R. U. Allahveranov


The article describes the approach to the monitoring of life cycle processes in the operation of radio electronic equipment (REE). The object of research is the process of the life cycle of electronic resources during the operational phase of electronic equipment. The subject of the study are methods and models of extracting information about the processes of the life cycle of electronic resources during the operational phase. The purpose of research is to develop methods and models of processes for monitoring the service life of the appliance REE. The main scientific result is to improve the process model changes of a technical resource to the operation stage REE based on the thermodynamic description of the physico-chemical mechanism of mass transfer phenomena and structural transformations in materials forming properties of the REE and REE values informative parameters, which enabled the assessment of the result of the kinetics of degradation processes and dynamics of resource characteristics of REE. As part of the main scientific result has been further developed model of changes in the technical resources at the operational stage REE, which is based on the thermodynamic description of physicochemical mechanism of mass transfer phenomena and structural transformations in materials forming properties of REE and REE values informative parameters, making it possible to assess the kinetics of lead degradation processes and the dynamics of the resource characteristics of REE. Model based on changes in the technical resource developed a method for visualization of technical condition and resource characteristics of REE based on a geometric interpretation of the situation, allowing an analogy describing the kinetics of degradation processes and change the REE, which made it possible to create a mathematical and software systems that allow visualization of the changes on the basis of a technical resource predict failures REE. Experiments were conducted to study the properties of the proposed method. The experimental results allow us to recommend the proposed method for use in practice.


monitoring, life cycle, forecasting, radio electronic equipment.


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