Yu. I. Dorofieiev, L. M. Lyubchyk


An approach to solving the problem of stabilizing robust water inventory control synthesis for drinking water distribution system of a large city is proposed. The mathematical model of drinking water distribution system is presented in the form of a nonlinear discrete state-space model with time-delay. The technique of model matrix factorization describing the influence of nonlinear terms, which allowed to introduce structural constraints in the form of linear matrix inequalities, is proposed. To suppress the disturbances influence simulating unknown but bounded external demand, while ensuring robust stability of the closed-loop system, is used the invariant ellipsoids technique, which allowed to formulate the control problem in terms of linear matrix inequalities. As a result the control synthesis problem is reduced to a sequence of one-dimensional convex optimization problems and semi-definite programming. As an example, a fragment of the Kharkiv drinking water distribution system is consider.


drinking water distribution system, water inventory control, invariant ellipsoids method, Lyapunov’s direct method, linear matrix inequality, semi-definite programming.


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