Ye. I. Kucherenko, M. V. Khodak


The problems of global access to data and knowledge of the company. Availability of automated facilities require the implementation of
intelligent technologies, methods and models for assessing the quality of their functioning. A method for optimizing data access, which is focused on the integration of existing local data, and provides independent support and administration of each of them. The method is focused on a deterministic process, which limits its application. Formulated especially data processing techniques, to offer enhanced knowledge-oriented method of fuzzy inference TSK. Fuzzy method TSK, which, unlike the existing ones, further includes a system of equations of the utility function and enables the integration of knowledge in the procedures of fuzzy inference based on the importance of rules. The experiment confirmed the effectiveness of the approach to knowledge-oriented technologies.


federated database, distributed query, inhomogeneous systems, local data, rule base.


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