Yu. A. Skobtsov, V. Yu. Skobtsov, A. A. Shalyto


The main models of crosstalk faults are defined: 1) induced positive and negative pulses, 2) induced delays. The purpose of the work is
to increase the effectiveness of the methods of constructing checking tests for digital systems based on an evolutionary approach and models of non-const fault. Formalized statement of the problem of test generation for a single crosstalk faults-induced pulses and delays. It is shown that this problem is reduced to solving a system of logic equations in the multi-valued alphabet. The 8-valued alphabet and multivalued functions for basic gates are defined. Simulation method was developed in the 8-valued alphabet for crosstalk faults. On this basis, the genetic algorithm is proposed for test generation of single cross-faults. The test generation problem for fault-induced delay is formalized A genetic algorithm of test generation for fault-induced is proposed. Developed algorithms and software for test generation for crosstalk faults, which improve the quality of test generation by using evolutionary techniques. The approbation of the developed methods is implemented at circuits of international catalogs ISCAS85, ISCAS89, which showed an increase in the completeness of tests by 15%.


test generation, crosstalk faults, genetic algorithms, multi valued logic, fault simulation.


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