• V. V. Shkarupylo Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Zaporizhzhya
  • R. K. Kudermetov Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Zaporizhzhya
  • O. V. Polska Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Zaporizhzhya



SOA, WS-BPEL, Composite Web Service, Specification, Verification, Validation, TLA, DEVS.


A technique for Composite Web Services validity checking has been proposed. It is based on discrete-event DEVS-models synthesis, which
provides the ability to conduct the automated validation by way of simulation during the design process. Temporal Logic of Actions has been chosen as the basis for input data – formal specification of Composite Web Service. It allows to specify the functional properties of such systems mathematically strictly. Functional properties has been represented as computational processes. The Kripke structure has been used as TLA-specification analytical model. Our technique leans on the proposed rules, aimed at simulation DEVS-model synthesis from given
TLA-specification. The resulting coupled Composite Web Service DEVS-model consists of atomic web services models, model of client,
simulated as job-requests generator, and coordinator model. Coordinator represents the WS-BPEL-engine, functioning in accordance with centralized orchestration model. A case study has been conducted to verify the proposed technique. Its artifacts confirmed the adequacy of resulting DEVS-model. The technique verification is based on the proposed approach: simulation-driven validation results are compared with the ones, obtained with testdriven validation. Technique expediency has been grounded by Composite Web Services validity checking time costs reduction.


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