A. V. Prokhorov, Yu. A. Kuznetsova


The analysis of the characteristics of automated production processes and the cluster layout of technological complexes of nanoelectronic
manufacturing is carried out, an approach to improve the performance of automated cluster-based equipment in semiconductor manufacturing
based on control flow of semi-finished products is proposed. A simulation model for the analysis of control flow processes of semi-finished products and calculation of nanoelectronic manufacturing characteristics, which allows you to search for rational decisions related to the control flows of semi-finished products in multicluster technological complexes of any architecture, taking into account resource constraints and risk factors also proposed in this article.
The model is based on multi-agent approach, which provides the following benefits: autonomy and individual behavior of model elements
(agents), agents are able to adapt and change their behavior, have a dynamic relationship with other agents that can be configured to disappear in the process of modeling and other. The developed agent-based simulation model takes into account the complex dynamics of nanoelectronic manufacturing and provides a simulation multicluster technological complexes of different topologies and implements a variety of strategies and control algorithms by flows of semi-finished products. Formulations of the problems of movements planning of semi-finished products in multicluster technological complexes associated with the various strategies and performance criteria for nanoelectronic manufacturing logistics are formulated within the paper.


nanoelectronic manufacturing, multi-cluster technological complex, cluster, plate, the flow of semi-finished products, agent model.


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