K. Kolowrocki, B. Kwiatuszewska-Sarnecka, J. Soszynska-Budny


The complexity of technical systems’ operation processes and its influence on the changing in time systems’ structures and their components’ reliability parameters posses a difficulty to first meet in real and then to fix and analyse those structures and reliability parameters. By constructing a joint model of reliability of complex technical systems at variable operation conditions, which links a semimarkov modelling of system operation processes with multi-state approach to system reliability analysis, we find the system’s main reliability characteristics. Consequently, we use linear programming to build a model of complex technical systems reliability optimization. We investigate the model’s application in marine transport, specifically in reliability and risk optimization of a bulk cargo transportation
system. The tools we develop can be used in reliability evaluation and optimization of a very wide class of real technical systems operating
at varying conditions that influence their reliability structures and the reliability parameters of their components. Consequently, the tools
we developed can be implemented by reliability practitioners from both maritime transport industry and other industrial sectors.


reliability function, risk function, operation process, optimization.


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