• O. V. Bisikalo Vinnytsia National Technical University, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, Ukraine
  • V. A. Vysotska Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine, Ukraine



text, a Ukrainian, algorithm, content monitoring, keywords, linguistic analysis, parsing, generative grammar, structured scheme sentences, information linguistic system.


This paper presents the generative grammar application in linguistic modelling. Description of syntax sentence modelling is applied to
automate the processes of analysis and synthesis of texts in natural language. The article shows the features of the sentences synthesis
indifferent languages of using generative grammars. The paper considers norms and rules influence in the language on the grammars constructing course. The use of generative grammars has great potential in the development and creation of automated systems for textual content processing, for linguistic providing linguistic computer systems, etc. The methods and tools development for automatic processing of text of commercial content in modern information technology are important and topical (for example, systems of information retrieval, machine translation, semantic, statistical, optical and acoustic analysis and synthesis of speech, automated editing, knowledge extracting from the text content, text content abstracting and annotation, textual content indexing, training and didactic, linguistic buildings management, instrumental means of dictionaries conclusion of various types, etc.). Specialists actively seeking new models of description and methods for automatic processing of text content. One of these methods is the development of general principles of lexicographic systems of syntactic type. It is important by these principles these systems construction of text content processing for specific languages. Any tools of syntactic analysis consists of two parts: a knowledge base about a particular natural language and algorithm of syntactic analysis (a set of standard operators of text content processing on this knowledge). The source of grammatical knowledge is data from morphological analysis and various filled tables of concepts and linguistic units. They are the result of the empirical processing of textual content in natural language of experts in order to highlight the basic laws for syntactic analysis.


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Bisikalo, O. V., & Vysotska, V. A. (2016). SENTENCE SYNTACTIC ANALYSIS APPLICATION TO KEYWORDS IDENTIFICATION UKRAINIAN TEXTS. Radio Electronics, Computer Science, Control, (3).



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