• S. S. Fedushko Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine, Ukraine



system of verification, personal data, socio-demographic characteristics, analysis, member, virtual community.


The important task of developing verification system of data of virtual community member on the basis of computer -linguistic analysis
of the content of a large sample of Ukrainian virtual communities is solved. The subject of research is methods and tools for verification of
web-members socio-demographic characteristics based on computer-linguistic analysis of their communicative interaction results. The aim of
paper is to verifying web-user personal data on the basis of computer-linguistic analysis of web-members information tracks. The structure of
verification software for web-user profile is designed for a practical implementation of assigned tasks. The method of personal data verification of web-members by analyzing information track of virtual community member is conducted. For the first time the method for checking the authenticity of web members personal data, which helped to design of verification tool for socio-demographic characteristics of web-member is developed. The verification system of data of web-members, which forms the verified socio-demographic profiles of web-members, is developed as a result of conducted experiments. Also the user interface of the developed verification system web-members data is presented. Effectiveness and efficiency of use of the developed methods and means for solving tasks in web-communities administration is proved by their approbation. The number of false results of verification system is 18%.


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