Y. M. Grokholskyi, B. A. Sus, B. В. Sus


Electromagnetic waves are a radio, light, X-rays and gamma rays. However, traditionally electromagnetic waves considered in scientific and in academic literature in different positions. Radio waves are always considered as a waves, while light is represented as electromagnetic waves and as a stream of particles. Light as electromagnetic waves, which undoubtedly confirmed experimentally in such a phenomenon as wave interference, at the same time treated as a stream of particles, which are called photons. Since radio waves, like light, are electromagnetic waves, also the question arises to interpret them in terms of corpuscular approach. It is shown that the range of radio waves as electromagnetic waves also have dual wave-particle nature – this is the wave and a particle at the same time. Some particles of radio waves stay in the vibrational state with the transition of electromagnetic energy to particle mass and vice versa.


radio waves, electromagnetic fluctuations of wave-particle nature, oscillational state, energy


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