• T. R. Shmeleva Odesa, National Academy of Telecommunications, Odesa, Ukraine, Ukraine



dynamic routing protocol, RIP protocol, IP network, reenterable model, colored Petri net, average delivery time.


The automation task of evaluating the functional characteristics of IP-networks with dynamic routing based on RIP protocol is solved for the
designing networks process. A method of reenterable model construction is proposed, this method provides reuse of models, which are technologyoriented and invariant to the network structure. Measuring fragments in parametric form added to the model of terminal networks for computing experiments and estimating of IP-network QoS parameters. A comparative analysis of IP-network QoS parameters carried out in conditions with low and medium load, and in a normal operating mode and temporarily disable the router ports. An estimation of the useful bandwidth obtained for different types of loads and conditions of the network operation. The experiments revealed that the values of QoS parameters of the tested network do not change significantly during normal operation and temporarily disable of the router ports, change the dispersion value is an
indicator of problems in the network. Automation of performance evaluation promotes for reducing of network design terms.


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