• V. A. Kondratets Kirovohrad National Technical University, Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine
  • A. N. Matsui Kirovohrad National Technical University, Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine



single-spiral classifier, instantaneous mass flow of sand, virtual determination, mathematical model.


Context. Poor iron ore which requires enrichment are the raw material basis for the steel industry. Their grinding in the early stages due
to cost overruns electricity, steel balls and the lining reduces the competitiveness of products. Reduce the cost overruns is possible by
automation these processes, however, an obstacle here is the unresolved problem of obtaining information about a load of sand with the required accuracy, although carried out a broad and long-term studies. Progressive virtual approach offers the prospect of solving this problem. The objective of this work is to develop a mathematical model of the virtual characterization of sandy stream at the output of the
mechanical single-spiral classifier on technological parameter, which is quite simply, accurately and without contact is possible to measure
relatively cheap technical means.
Method. A method of graphic-analytical modeling, which examines the sand body of the classifier (the material between two adjacent turns
of the spiral), which is supplied with horizontal and vertical layers, forming the height and length of the elements Δh× Δl, which allows to
obtain, depending sand volume in the vertical layers of sand-body length. These relationships at a certain height, fold Δh, having a minimum and maximum were approximated mathematical expressions in the form of seven members of the Fourier series. They establish a link between their individual components and a height of sand bodies. The use of these links gives the possibility to find instant volume and mass of material costs in the sand chute for any value of the height of the sand.
Results. The resulting mathematical model of unloading sand in the form of three main and twenty-two additional equations allows to
determine the characteristics of the sand flow adjustment sand classifier body. The instantaneous flow rate varies in a rather complex pattern,
which is stored at different altitudes sand bodies. With increasing height naturally increase as the average and instantaneous values of the mass
flow of sand.
Conclusions. For the first time it produced a mathematical model that describes the values of instantaneous flow of sand in the process
of unloading in the sand chute single-spiral classifier from the measured height of the sand body. This makes it possible to stabilize the dilution
of the pulp in a ball mill, to increase its productivity, quality and divided solid improve the performance of the process equipment and,
consequently, reduce the cost overruns during grinding ore.


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Mathematical and computer modelling